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Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves- The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. ASCO Redhat brand offers the worlds largest selection of 2-, 3- and 4-way solenoid valves, asco regulator, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.
Temperature & Pressure Switches
Switches - ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality of two, three and four way ASCO solenoid valves as well as ASCO Next Generation valves, ASCO Steam Valves, ASCO filter, ASCO 8551, ASCO Combustion Valves, ASCO Posiflow Valves, ASCO Switches and ASCO Sensors.
Pressure Sensors - ASCO, the leader in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves, now offers a complete line of Pressure Sensors. With pressure ratings up to 10,000 PSI and the ability to handle rugged applications like steam and refrigeration, ASCO Pressure Sensors....
Pneumatic Controls
Pneumatic Controls- ASCO Pneumatic Control products are manufactured at 6 sites on 3 continents to meet the wide ranging requirements found around the world. Products include 2, 3, and 4 way valves with #10-32 to 1" port sizes, flows to 12.5 Cv, in-line and manifoldable constructions....
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